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By: “Just Joni”

If you’ve ever performed squats, lifted weights, or hired a personal trainer, you know how important form is. Knowing and understanding correct positioning, proper use of equipment, and making sure both your body and your barbell are in alignment, are crucial for safety and results.

Unfortunately, too many have learned this lesson the more challenging way, due to improper form. And sometimes, with or without a workout partner or spotter, it can be tricky to keep the bar level and steady, especially the heavier the weight gets.

This is where The Level Bar comes in. (Check out their website HERE )

We are so happy to introduce you to this amazing invention from Okawville, IL.
The same level-headed thinking that went into a stud-finder with a level for your wall to hang pictures and that 70-inch flatscreen, has been hand-crafted and created by Father/Son duo, Todd and Bradlee Fuhrhop.
Bradlee Fuhrhop, President, is a former collegiate baseball player at Kentucky Wesleyan College where he obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and Biomechanics. He is an ISSA certified personal trainer and baseball trainer for EL1. Todd, Vice President, is a lifelong dedicated weightlifter. Naturally they put their brawn and their brains together to create The Level Bar.
The concept is easy: provide the lifter with instant feedback so you build muscle and healthier habits, creating better concentration during workouts and preventing injury.of all… the joy.
Who knew one little bubble could do so much?
The Level Bar isn’t only for avid weightlifters. It’s literally for everyone. Whether you’re training for a competition or working on rehabilitating, you’re never too old or too young to lift for your health. Learning to do so safely will only yield better results and save you on the most precious gift we all have, time.

Join The Level Bar at this year’s QC Fit Fest, April 6-7, 2024, at the TBK Sports Complex (4850 Competition Dr. Bettendorf, IA.). You’ll get to see them up close and try it out to see for yourself how this little bubble is revolutionizing the barbell industry.

Get your tickets at and join us as we share the most exciting, interactive, family-friendly health and fitness expo in the Quad Cities.