The Speed Attic
at south park mall
by: “Just Joni”

Helping children achieve their full athletic potential.”

When QC Fit Fest team met Shannon Morse, Owner of The Speed Attic, we realized we weren’t just meeting your average training facility. The Speed Attic has been actively engaged and invested in children in the Quad Cities and surrounding areas for over 13 years. Their motivational approach to safety, development of specific skills and encouragement of student athletes to persevere, has been nothing shy of inspiring.

Having recently relocated from Rock Island, IL. to Moline, IL. inside Southpark Mall, The Speed Attic serves even more student athletes, ages 6 and older, including college level and adults. Their program is based on the form and fundamentals of improving athleticism. Proper form prevents injury and improves strength, endurance, and stamina. Flexibility is another major focus for athletes and is focused on specifically at their 4pm classes on Thursday afternoons.

The Speed Attic offers smaller-sized classes of 12-15 students to ensure your student gets the one-on-one, personalized dedication and attention they need to acquire success in their sport. There is a range of ages and ability, which works well for interaction, involvement, and encouragement among the students. When children are trained in proper form early, there is less to correct later in their athletic career. This preventative approach keeps your student athlete in the best position for fewer injuries and proper development.

Another winning quality about The Speed Attic is their approach to failure. So often the focus is solely on winning. While winning is important, learning to overcome failure is an absolute must when it comes to mindset and how children learn to think and feel about themselves, their teammates, and coaches. Failure is a very important part of learning to persevere and learning to accept constructive feedback on performance. Becoming familiar with the discomfort of failure helps you go beyond the limiting beliefs of your mind. Failure often is our greatest teacher. How The Speed Attic approaches this is by allowing the kids to fail at something during training and then Shannon and her team, uses this teachable moment to help each student overcome. This cornerstone belief is one The Speed Attic hopes kids will carry with them for a lifetime. Whether your child want to be a professional athlete or just try a variety of sports to see which one they like best, The Speed Attic will help train them for any activity and help develop their confidence, skills, and accomplishments that they will carry with them for their entire lives.