Jill zavada
By: “Just Joni”

Hi, I’m Jill Zavada. I have a Doctorate in Naturopathy, and Certifications in Nutrition Response Testing┬« and other forms of Muscle Testing, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition and Integrative Health and Mindset Coaching. I have an extreme passion for natural healing and health improvement and it starts with my own story.

I made a commitment to myself and with the help of my best friend, I was turned on to functional health and alternative methods of healing. I became empowered as I learned more about the underlying causes and how my body knew what it needed to feel better. It was so awesome how great I felt again. The energy, the focus, the improved sleep, the absence of pain and best of all… the joy.
Jill Zavada Wellness uses Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Labs and Nutrition Response Testing® as well as holistic trained approaches to achieve a healthy body, lifestyle and mindset. Through the use of these non invasive, natural methods we are able to identify root causes and underlying imbalances that are leading you to sub optimal health and illness. Using these same methods we can then create an all natural clinically designed protocol that is unique to your needs in order to improve your health. Your body is our guide!