Feb. 18th & 19th 2023| E. Moline, IL
By: “Just Joni”

If you grew up in the 90’s, the Blanks family name was no stranger to your household. From informercials to VCR tapes and eventually DVDs, the name Billy Blanks was all over the place. I, myself had the workout videos and like a Visa card, I didn’t leave home without them. I took them with me when I moved away from the Quad Cities to Champaign, IL. and did my Tae-Bo workouts.

While I loved me some Billy Blanks, Sr. and Tae-Bo, what I didn’t know is how much more I’d love his son, Billy Blanks, Jr. “Love” is truly an understatement because the G-force, Level 4000 of excitement I have just sitting here writing this blog has caused me to step away from the coffee before time starts standing still and slow myself down a bit to explain to you why.
Billy Blanks, Jr. is back again in 2023 as a Special Guest at our 3rd annual QC Fit Fest 2-day live event. He will host a “Dance it out” class on Saturday Feb. 18 and Sunday Feb 19 from noon – 1:30pm.
To bluntly put it, Billy Blanks, Jr. scratches my particular workout itch. From dance and cardio, to a mix of the two, Cardioke, (yes, that’s cardio/dancing/karaoke in one and it is an actual thing he created) the energy, the level of openness and vulnerability, (as you hear in our QCFF interview below), and his heart-on-his-sleeveness is a refreshing medicine in-and-of itself. While Billy was supportive of his Dad’s Tae-Bo legacy, his heart was aligned with dance. So much so, Paula Abdul took him under her wing and helped him develop his natural talent.
billy blank jr spread
Whether it’s his emotional appearance on Shark Tank or lively workouts on Dr. Oz, and the incredible stories he shares on his own moving talk show on Stream Moko, the dynamic energy Billy Blanks, Jr. brings to any stage, any setting, is most certainly felt. His passion for movement, fitness, and people, make him one of the best instructors, motivators, and coaches in the fitness industry to-date, worldwide.